Welcome to Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling’s online Homebuyer Certification Course

If you are looking for a Homebuyer Certification Course you have come to the right place!

We offer an easy and convenient online course, that meets your lender's* requirement for Homebuyer Education Certification.

We have found that potential homebuyers who need homeownership counseling certification usually have to take time off or have to rearrange their schedules to take the classes and receive on-on-one counseling. At a time when the potential homebuyer is trying to save every dollar, sometimes this is not the best solution.

So, Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling (CCBC) a HUD approved Multi-State Agency has developed this Online Homeownership Counseling Certification Program as a convenience to those potential homebuyers whose schedules or circumstances do not allow them to attend regular classes and one-on-one homeownership counseling.

This course follows the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and as such this is a full homeownership counseling course and it will take a number of hours (about 6 hours) to complete and while course is online and can be completed at your convenience, the one-on-one counseling is conducted on the phone during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm all times Eastern).

*-CC&BC is working with lenders to have them approve CC&BC's online course, however we cannot warrant that your lender will accept the CC&BC Online Homeownership Counseling Certification. Before you sign up for this course you should verify that your lender will accept CC&BC's homeownership course and certification.


Please choose the correct certification course for your situation:

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The Process
 Step 1 Call your lender and verify that they accept CC&BC's Program, if so, pay for the course just above ↑
 Step 2  Complete the Affidavit  
 Step 3  Complete the Budget 
 Step 4  Get a copy of your credit report online or get one from your lender.
(if you have difficulty getting your report it is not a requirement)

 Step 5

 Fax your Affidavit, Budget and Credit Report to 1-888-738-8234 
 Step 6  CC&BC will email you a link to view the presentation 
 Step 7  Print out the presentation guides 
 Step 8  Pre-Test – 20 Min
Guide to Homeownership – 16 Min
Opening the Door – 29 Min
Knowing and Understanding Credit – 29 Min
Homeownership Presentation Chapter 1-5 – 40 Min
Borrowing Basics - 29 Min
Homeownership Presentation Chapter 6-10 – 50 Min
Buried by Debt – 15 Min
Post-Test – 20 Min 
 Step 9  Call a CC&BC housing counselor at 888-738-8233 (M - F 10:00 am to 5:00 pm - Eastern)
Counselor will review your budget and credit and will answer your questions.
 Step 10  Receive the certificate