New Jersey Residents

First Time Homebuyer Certification Course for New Jersey Residents


The Process

Step One

Call your lender and verify that they accept CC&BC's Program, if so pay for the course below.
(Some lenders need you to register for the class to accept the application)

10+ Minutes

Step Two

Complete the Affidavit

20 Minutes

Step Three

Complete the Budget

20 Minutes

Step Four

Get a copy of your credit report online or get one from your lender. Experian is preferred. (if you have difficulty getting your report it is not a requirement)

20 Minutes

Step Five

Fax your Affidavit, Budget and Credit Report to 1-888-738-8234

5 Minutes

Step Six

CC&BC will email you a link to view the presentation - This may take 1 business day


Step Seven

Print out the presentation guides

5 Minutes

Step Eight

The online course is broken up into 8 segments:

Pre-Test – 20 Minutes
Guide to Homeownership – 16 Minutes
Opening the Door – 29 Minutes – 
Knowing and Understanding Credit – 29 Minutes
Homeownership Presentation Chapter 1-5 – 40 Minutes
Borrowing Basics - 29 Minutes
Homeownership Presentation Chapter 6-10 – 50 Minutes
Buried by Debt – 15 Minutes
Post-Test – 20 Minutes

248 Minutes

Step Nine

Call a CC&BC housing counselor at 888-738-8233 (Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm all times Eastern), who will review your budget and credit and will answer your questions.

45 Minutes
to an Hour

Step Ten

Receive the certificate

Estimated total time to complete the course is 6 hours


New Jersey Residents
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